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Our Services


Discovering that you or one of your family members has lice can be incredibly stressful! Let us help to ease that stress by providing the knowledge, treatment and support you need to be lice free as quickly as possible. We work by appointment only, so call today!

Our Services

Head Checks

We perform a thorough and systematic head check to determine the presence of lice and/or nits.



If you choose to have an in-clinic treatment, one of our staff will apply our product, ONIT Lice Cleanser,


You can choose to purchase ONIT and a comb from our clinic and follow the directions to self treat at home.



"Through the years, my family has visited Asheville Lice multiple times. The staff never fail to calm your nerves as well as get the job done effectively. It’s always been easy to get in and the whole process is stress-free. Asheville Lice does a great job and we would always recommend."

                                         -Denise, Asheville


And there's more...

Asheville Lice is happy to provide myth-busting talks for doctors, nurses and school staffs to help clear up the many misconceptions about lice. Call us today and schedule a time for us to come to your school, medical office, or daycare.

Summer Camp Director? We are extremely experienced at screening and treating at summer camps. Let us set up a program to assist you with opening day lice screens.

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