Kids with Capes


The environment does not play as important a role as it was once thought, so we recommend common-sense cleaning. Lice do not survive off the host for more than 24 hours. Consider what items you or your family member has had contact with in that time period and keep your focus on cleaning those items only. With this said, Asheville Lice recommends the following:

     Remove all hair from brushes and combs. Wash with hot water

     and soap.

     Live bugs? Dry bedding in dryer on HIGH for 45 minutes

     Light vacuum in high traffic carpeted areas

     Cloth furniture? Light vaccum or throw a sheet over it for a day

     Cloth carseats? Use a lint roller

     Toys or dolls on the bed? Dry in dryer on HIGH for 45 minutes or

     set aside for a day or roll with a lint roller

     Be a friend, tell a friend. Letting those who have interacted with 

     you or your child will give them a chance to address the issue

     sooner rather than later and will help prevent re-infestation on

     your child.

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