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In-clinic Treatments


If you choose to have an in-clinic treatment, one of our staff will apply our product, ONIT Lice Cleanser, and perform an intensive, sectioned combing with a specialized comb. After treatment, you will shampoo/condition with your regular products and complete a few recommended home care steps to ensure that lice is removed from your environment. Please come to your appointment with detangled hair. 

As of 1/25/2024, there is an additional $10 fee if our staff has to detangle hair before it can be combed with a lice comb. 

$125 during business hours, 8am-5pm

$150 after business hours and on weekends

Each in-clinic treatment includes a recheck (and any necessary retreatment) in 7-9 days.

Effective 10/4/2023:  Rechecks (retreatments) must be done in 14 days or less from the original treatment date. If they are not, it is considered a new case of lice and all headcheck and treatment fees will apply.

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